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Solitaire Engagement Rings & Tiffany Inspired Engagement Rings tiffany rings under 1000

Buy Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings & Custom Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings Online

The solitaire diamond ring is an elegant and traditional setting. It represents the beauty of two hearts and two lives joined as one. The solitaire setting is a perfect choice for a diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding ring, a solitaire diamond band for an anniversary gift, or as a profound expression of timeless love. And though it’s a simple and elegant setting, there are several variations available in solitaire ring designs to personalize and customize your selection.

The size and style of the band. Ideally, a diamond solitaire ring would conform to the size of the wearer’s hand. A narrower band takes on a delicate and graceful look on smaller fingers, and can make a diamond appear larger. A wider band blends with larger fingers and hands and may offer you more options in styles of settings to hold the diamond.

A choice of metals. A white gold or platinum solitaire setting can bring out the whiteness in a precisely cut stone like our Brian Gavin Signature Hear tiffany-rings-under-1000-rid-0.html. cheap tiffany blue dressests and Arrows round brilliant diamonds, or one of our distinctive Signature princess cut diamonds. Some individuals prefer yellow gold for the contrast it offers to a well-cut diamond or other gemstone.

The shape of the stone. Your solitaire setting can be the perfect stage to spotlight the stone it holds. For a fancy or uncommon shaped diamond, like the oval, marquise or heart, the solitaire setting can focus attention of the unique qualities of the stone and cause it to stand out. But for optimum performance and brilliance, the classic Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows round brilliant or princess cuts will catch the eye in the widest variety of lighting conditions.

Like the one true and eternal love it symbolizes, the diamond solitaire ring setting showcases a single stone. Its classic appeal makes it appropriate for the most special of life occasions, and the simplicity of its design adds extra focus to the beauty and performance of the stone that it contains.

Have questions about customization? Contact us, and our designers can work with you to select the perfect solitaire setting design for your loved one.

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Published on Mar 9, 2016

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Truong Thi Hanh , Founder & CEO of Calista Jewelry Co.,Ltd (Hai Phong, Viet Nam) at Calista Jewelry Co., Ltd 1 month ago No Downloads Views Total views 3,238 On SlideShare 0 From Embeds 0 Number of Embeds 13 Actions Shares 0 Downloads 80 Comments 0 Likes 1 Embeds 0 No embeds
No notes for slide Tiffany & Co 1. Fashion accessories Tiffany & co. case study Mercadies Cochran dr. j Kim June 7th, 2015 2. IN 1837, CHARLES LEWIS TIFFANY AND JOHN YOUNG ARRIVED IN NEW YORK CITY WITH A VISION TO REDIFINE GLAMOUR AND STYLE AROUND THE WORLD. they FIRST BEGAN WITH A POP UP STATIONARY STORE, LATER ADDING JEWLERY AND SILVERWARE. (WICKELL, 2014) iT WASN’T UNTIL 1853 THAT TIFFANY GAINED COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THE FIRM AND RENAMED IT TIFFANY & CO. (WICKELL, 2014) Mission statement: to be the world’s most respected and successful Designer, manufacturer and retailer of the finest jewelry. (FARFAN, 2014) THE CHANEL GLOBAL headquarters: (tiffany, 2015) TIFFANY & CO. 727 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10022 TIFFANY AND CO. HAS FLAGSHIP STORES ALL OVER THE WORLD FROM AUSTRALIA TO HONG KONG. THE UNITED STATES FLAGSHIP STORE IS LOCATED ON FIFTH AVENUE IN NEW YORK, NEW YORK. (TIFFANY, 2015) Brief history of the company 3. Organizational structure of the company and role of the parent company “The company” is a publically owned company. Its operating segments are as follows: The company Tiffany & co. American regions Asia-pacific region JAPAN REGION EUROPEAN REGION •  48% OF NET SALES FOR 2014 •  INCLUDES THE UNITED STATES, CANADAM MEXICO AND BRAZIL •  24% OF NET SALES FOR 2014 •  INCLUDES australia, china, hong kong, korea, macau, malaysia, singapore and taiwan •  13% OF NET SALES FOR 2014 •  INCLUDES all Japanese department stores and free standing stores •  12% OF NET SALES FOR 2014 •  INCLUDES Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the united kingdom(Investor, 2015) 4. Organizational structure of the company and role of the parent company (Investor, 2015) Through Tiffany and Co. the Company is engaged in product design, manufacturing and retailing activities. The company’s long term objectives include: •  To increase store productivity •  To achieve improved operation margins •  To improve asset productivity and cash flow •  To maintain a capital structure that provides financial strength and flexibility to pursue strategic initiatives and allows for the return of excess capital to shareholders. 5. Management structure of the company NAME POSITION Frederic Cumenal Chief Executive Officer Ralph Nicoletti Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Jill Beraud Executive Vice President Jean-Marc Bellaiche Senior Vice President- Strategy and Business Development Victoria Berger-Gross Senior Vice President-Global Human Resources Pamela H. Clous Senior Vice President-Merchandising Leah M. Harlan Senior Vice President- Secretary and General Counsel Andrew W. Hart Senior Vice President- Manufacturing, Diamonds and Gemstones Caroline D. Naggiar Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer John S. Petterson Senior Vice President- Global Operations and Customer Services (Investor, 2015) Anisa Costa - President 6. STRUCTURE OF THE COMPANY’S BUSINESS Retail: currently about 98% of all tiffany & co. sales come directly from retail. This includes what is bought in stores, online and through catalog Wholesale: tiffany & co. gets less than 1% of their sales revenue from wholesaling Licensing: 1% of revenue is accounted licensing (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 15) Retail Wholesale Licensing 7. FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF THE COMPANY OVER THE PAST FIVE YEARS (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 36) 4.24 4.03 3.79 3.64 3.08 2.53 2.34 2.15 2.15 1.82 4.84 1.81 4.16 4.39 3.68 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 NET SALES AND GROSS PROFIT IN MILLIONS, NET INCOME IN THOUSANDS Net Sales Gross Profit Net Income 8. All products by tiffany & co. Engagement Jewelry Collections 1.  Women's bands 2.  Men's bands 1.  Necklaces 2.  pendants 3.  Bracelets 4.  Rings 5.  Earrings 6.  Charms 7.  Brooches 8.  Men's jewelry 1.  Tiffany T 2.  The Atlas Collection 3.  Return to Tiffany 4.  Tiffany 1837 5.  Tiffany enchant 6.  Ziegfeld collection 7.  Tiffany keys 8.  Tiffany celebration rings 9.  Tiffany metro 10.  Tiffany victoria 11.  Tiffany yellow diamond 12.  Elsa peretti 13.  Paloma picasso 14.  Tiffany & co. schlumberger (tiffany, 2015) 9. All products by tiffany & co. watches Accessories gifts 1.  Tiffany ct60 2.  Tiffany east west 3.  Alas collection 4.  Cocktail watches 5.  Patek philippe & tiffany 6.  Men’s watches 7.  Women’s watches 1.  Cuff links 2.  Sunglasses 3.  Tiffany leather collection 4.  Fragrance 5.  Key rings 6.  Writing instruments 7.  Silver accessories 8.  Men’s accessories 9.  Elsa peretti 1.  Her 2.  Him 3.  Baby gifts 4.  Home 5.  Business gifts 6.  Little luxuries 7.  Special occasion 8.  Engraving 9.  Customization (tiffany, 2015) 10. Price points •  Tiffany & Company’s key demographic is high class females ages 28-54. The average customer usually has a strong interest in fashion, shopping and luxury products. Thus the average price, depending on the product, tends to stay well above $1,000.00 •  However, because Tiffany and Company is popular among all income classes and seen as a stamp on social respectability there are products available for under $250.00 (Butcher, 2011) 11. Size ranges •  Most necklaces are available with a 16” or 18” chain. it's EXTREMELY RARE FOR THEM TO BE ANY LONGER OR SHORTER •  The bracelets come in small, medium or large with a corresponding measurement of circumference •  Earrings, charms, pendants and broaches are all one size fits all •  WATCHES COME IN ONE SIZE BUT HAVE THE ADJUSTABLE BAND OR CUSTOMIZATION OPTION TO MAKE IT FIT PROPERLY •  Rings come in standard sizes ranging from size 4 to 11 •  Most jewelry offered through Tiffany & Co can be customized to a customers preference (TIFFANY, 2015) 12. Quality standards •  As a leader in the jewelry industry, Tiffany & Co. has always been committed to obtaining precious metals and gemstones and crafting our jewelry in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible. But our efforts extend beyond our own supply chain. As longtime leaders in the jewelry industry, we work to advance rigorous and responsible mining standards. We also invest in diamond- producing countries, actively advocating for preservation efforts and effective government oversight. •  Tiffany & co. prides themselves on going above and beyond the 4c’s of diamonds; cut, carat, clarity and color. For example. Tiffany frequently rejects stones that would normally be accepted by other jewelers •  Every diamond is backed with a full lifetime warranty (TIFFANY, 2015) 13. Brand image and logos “Since its beginnings, 176 years ago, Tiffany & Co remains an iconic presence in the American culture. During its long existence, Tiffany & Co become one of the most powerful luxury brand supported by good marketing strategy and free publicity from the pop culture. Tiffany & Co is renowned not only for its diamond jewelries and the iconic blue box, but also for depicting American glamour and supporting wealthy Americans to put a stamp on their social respectability.” (Nita, 2013) 14. Brand image and logos 15. MARKET SIZE OF THE Company’s PRODUCT CATEGORIES •  The company’s principal item is jewelry which accounts for 92% of world wide net sales •  The company offers an extensive selection of Tiffany & Co. brand jewelry at a wide range of prices •  Statement, fine and solitaire jewelry accounts for about 22% of sales while engagement jewelry and wedding bands rings in just shy of 31%. Fine jewelry takes the largest segment of sales with 41% (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 17) 16. COMPETITION IN THE GLOBAL JELWERY MARKET 17. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES AND TYPES OF ADVERTISING •  Tiffany & co. regularly advertises through newspapers, magazines and digital media such as internet adds, television, radio and social media •  In 2014 The company spent $283,6488,000.00 (6.7% of worldwide net sales) on advertising, marketing and public media relations (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 18) 18. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES AND TYPES OF ADVERTISING •  Tiffany & co. participates in media activities and marketing events to maintain customer awareness of the Brand (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 18) 19. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES AND TYPES OF ADVERTISING •  tiffany & co. publishes the blue book, annually, to showcase its newest high end jewelry   (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 18) 20. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES AND TYPES OF ADVERTISING •  Tiffany & co. products have also been placed in an array of cinema shows including, breakfast at tiffany’s and the great Gatsby •  Very seldom does tiffany & co. use billboards (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 18) 21. VISUAL DISPLAY TECHNIQUES •  The tiffany & co. in store experience is built one hundred percent around their target customer. The store is sleek, very classy and extremely clean at all times. Giving every customer the rich experience they deserve. •  The online store is just as organized, perfectly laid out and exceptional to navigate. 22. VISUAL DISPLAY TECHNIQUES •  For this season’s holiday windows, Moore took inspiration from the Manhattan skyline and Upper East Side street scenes. He and his team “walked the streets, sketching and photographing many of the buildings and the evening views from the rooftops.” After editing the field research, Moore closely oversees the next phase: Each window is “sketched, modeled, mocked up, and prototyped several times before we land on the final design,” he explains. The finals are then given to craftsmen in Brooklyn, who build, carve or sculpt the settings that will appear in the store’s five windows. Installation takes two full nights at the Fifth Avenue flagship. Sample sets are also created for stores around the world. While the global rollout varies from market to market, all of the installations are completed by the middle of November (PODOLSKY, 2013) 23. PACKAGING (SANCHEZ, 2013) •  PACKAGING FOR TIFFANY & CO. IS SIMPLE WITH A TRADEMARK ALREADY MADE ON THE TIFFANY BLUE COLOR. •  THE LITTLE BLUE BOX WITH WHITE RIBBON: THE SIGNATURE PACKAGE OF TIFFANY & CO. HAS HELPED SHAPE IT’S BRAND TREMENDOUSLY; EVERYONE WANTS THE LITTLE BLUE BOX •  89% OF THE LITTLE BLUE BOX IS MADE FROM RECYCLED GOODS, HELPING TIFFANY & CO. TACKLE THEIR CARBON FOOTPRINT •  TIFFANY & CO. ALSO USES SOFT HANDLE BAGS AND JEWLERY BAGS FOR PACKAGING OF SMALLER OR LARGER ITEMS 24. DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING •  THE COMPANY MOSTLY MAUFACTURERS JEWLERY IN NEW YORK, RHODE ISLAND AND KENTUCKY •  LAST YEAR, THE COMPANY ESTABLISHED MUFACTURING OPERATIONS IN THAILAND AND A DESIGN OPERATION IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC •  THE COMPANY ESTABLISHED OPERATIONS THAT PURCHASE, SORT, CUT AND POLISH ROUGH DIAMONDS IN BELGIUM, BOTSWANA, MAURITIUS, NAMIBIA AND VIETNAM. WITH CAMBODIA BEING ADDED JUST LAST YEAR. (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 20) 25. GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION AND BRAND PRESENCE OVERSEAS (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 17) •  Tiffany & co. is divided into four segments across the world thus making global distribution run smoother •  The main source of global distribution is through retail, in store, online and via catalog •  Tiffany & co. does less than 1% of wholesaling due to its high quality products •  The American region makes up the largest portion of retail sales with Europe coming in last with only about 12% of the sales. 26. GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION AND BRAND PRESENCE OVERSEAS (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 17) •  Below is a chart that shows the region segments and their percent net sales contribution during 2014. •  Surprisingly japans had the highest sales with engagement rings and Europe with fashion jewelry. American sales Asia- pacific sales Japan sales Europe sales Statement, fine & solitaire jewelry 23% 24% 20% 17% Engagement jewelry & wedding bands 23% 38% 46% 23% Fashion jewelry 44% 37% 27% 56% 27. STORES CARRYING THIS PRODUCT AND BRAND Year U.S Canada & Latin America Asia- pacific Japan Europe Emerging markets total 2011 87 15 58 55 32 0 247 2012 91 24 66 55 34 5 275 2013 94 27 72 54 37 5 289 2014 95 27 73 56 38 6 295 •  above is a table showing the current number of stores in each region segment according to the tiffany & co. annual report •  Tiffany & co. plans to add about 12-15 more stores in 2015 and 2016 (TIFFANY & co. annual report, 2014, PG 17) 28. STORES CARRYING THIS PRODUCT AND BRAND •  Tiffany & co. products are only sold exclusively through venues under the company •  This includes in store, flagship, pop up shops, online and catalog through tiffany & co. 29. TOP COMPETITOR IN THE MARKET- HISTORY OVERVIEW in the 1970s David yurman designed a necklace for his wife in which a glariest fell in love with, urging him to make more. He did and they immediately sold out, launching yurmans first jewelry business however, It wasn’t until 1980 that the David yurman company and brand was born and quickly earned the jury award for the infamous starlight necklace Soon after, in 1981 David yurman one designer of the year and from there his brand increased into a design icon (yurman, 2015) 30. TOP COMPETITOR IN THE MARKET- HEADQUARTERS AND FLAGSHIP STORE (yurman, 2015) The first flagship store opened in 1999 on Madison Ave. In 2006 he opened a flagship boutique on North rodeo dr. in Beverly hills In 2008 he opened his first international boutique in Hong Kong then in Paris in 2010 31. TOP COMPETITOR IN THE MARKET- OWNERSHIP/STRUCTURE OF THE COMPANY (bloomberg, 2015) •  David yurman enterprises is a privately owned company and its headquarters currently resides at David yurman enterprises llc. 24 Vestry Street New York, NY 10013 United States •  Sybil yurman is the co-founder, president and chief marketing officer 32. TOP COMPETITOR IN THE MARKET- PRICE POINTS AND SIZE RANGES •  Most necklaces are available with a 16” or 18” chain. it's EXTREMELY RARE FOR THEM TO BE ANY LONGER OR SHORTER •  The bracelets come in small, medium or large with a corresponding measurement of circumference •  Earrings, charms, pendants and broaches are all one size fits all •  Rings come in standard sizes ranging from size 4 to 11 •  The price points are a bit steeper than tiffany & co. with most items rising well above $1,000.00 (Yurman, 2015) 33. TOP COMPETITOR IN THE MARKET- BRAND IMAGE AND LOGOS David yurman lets his products do the selling by using minimal color and simple advertisements. He is the definition of “sex sells” marketing 34. TOP COMPETITOR IN THE MARKET- GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION AND PRESENCE •  Because David yurman is a privately owned company it was hard to find the information on the global distributions. •  However, after much research you can conclude that David yurman gets most revenue from in store and online purchases •  With his continuous drive to open up stores internationally his global revenue will keep increasing 35. REFERENCES     h@p://­‐packaging-­‐Effany-­‐co-­‐packaging-­‐goes-­‐green/     h@p://gotham-­‐­‐man-­‐behind-­‐the-­‐Effany-­‐and-­‐co-­‐ holiday-­‐windows     h@p://­‐co-­‐in-­‐american-­‐cinema-­‐and-­‐tv-­‐ shows-­‐2/     h@p://       h@p://     h@p://       h@p://­‐Mission-­‐Statements/ Tiffany-­‐Mission-­‐Statement-­‐-­‐-­‐Mission-­‐-­‐Headquarters-­‐-­‐History-­‐of-­‐Tiffany-­‐Retail-­‐Stores.htm       h@p://